Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hello, and welcome to the Lunachick Designs blog! Here you'll learn a bit about me and what I do.

My name is Abbi and I'm from a small town in Southwest VA. I've been designing and creating artisan jewelry for around three years. My favorite materials to use are genuine gemstones and sterling silver, though I've got many styles that incorporate other materials as well, such as 14k gold fill (which is gold over sterling silver), Swarovski crystals, organics such as shell and amber, Czech glass and other metals in my chainmaille pieces.

My specialties are wirework and chainmaille, which I enjoy most of all. I'm in the process of touching up some pictures in my shop on Etsy, as well as expanding to include a few new lines, including a Vintage line of antique brass and copper earrings.

More chainmaille is also on the horizon, so be on the lookout for all the new pieces that will be coming soon!

I'm looking for new marketing ideas to expand my clientele. I live in a very small area and have only a few opportunities to attend shows each year, so online selling is a great way for me to reach people I wouldn't normally be able to.

Please have a look at my shop and check out my jewelry! I've got many unique pieces that you won't see anywhere else. I've invested lots of time and money into my art and am looking forward to expanding and experimenting with more involved pieces in the future.

Custom orders are encouraged, so please contact me if you have something in mind!


Lunachick Designs

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