Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: Zoe Stewart

Zoe's shop? It's FUN. It's

Name: Zoe Stewart
Location: Edinburgh/North Yorkshire
Shop Link:

What made you decide to start creating?
I left uni deciding to do a teaching career and i had to wait a year like a year out, so in between i decided to do something with my degree and started sewing.

When did you start? i started sewing when i was younger... my mum done a few parent toddler groups that me and my younger sister used to get to go and help and the first thing i ever made was a beanie frog, ha ha

What has been the most difficult part of selling?
getting people to buy, i have only sold things to friends and family and on a certain auction site, but nothing yet on etsy, as i only started to list items at the start of october, but getting yourself known out there is a hard task indeed!

Which piece are you most proud of?
Henry, has to be.... lol everyone likes him, and i have many more on their way too, henry is just fantastic.

What is your favorite material to work with?
cotton, Its just great the variations of it and it sews really well and its great for kids, washes well i mean... theyre messy devils

What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?
when i see something finished and someone actually buys it because they love it, that makes me smile to see that ive made someone else happy,

Any advice for others selling their work?
be patient, if you havent had a sale it will come, no one knows when but it will, and promote yourself, get in the forums and the chat and try and list every moment you can....

What's a random fact about you?
lmao i went to bible camp, my husband only found this out a few weeks ago and thinks its hilarious, and i spent every summer in school, learning extra for exams and summer reading groups to help people that werent so great or confident

Anything else you'd like to say?

i love etsy and the surroundings, everyone is so fantastic with each other and helps in any situation, all you need to do is ask for the help and you get it.... its fab, and tea of course, couldnt manage a day without it!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: plasticpumpkin

Ren Adams (plasticpumpkin) creates beautiful and inspiring fine art work that reflects her love for and dedication to each piece.

Lunachick: What made you decide to start creating?

plasticpumpkin: It was never a conscious decision. I've just always done it. I ruined my baby book, too.

Lunachick: When did you start?

plasticpumpkin: Probably before I could walk. Both of my parents are artists and I was always surrounded by art supplies.

Lunachick: What has been the most difficult part of selling your work?

plasticpumpkin: Choosing the wrong venues and getting told that a 2-year old could do better. Hauling tables, canopies, and all of the other trappings to in-person art fairs, only to have a bomb of a day. Staying positive is important. Supporting your fellow artists is important. Remembering that some days are good and others are bad is important. Sometimes it's a little difficult to keep oneself centered, so I'd say that's the biggest challenge. Moving forward, even when you question the path you're on. It's hard... but it's not impossible.

Lunachick: Which piece are you most proud of?

plasticpumpkin: I am not proud of anything that I do. Chinese brush painting is about capturing the chi of your subject. It's about focus, serenity, tranquility, and modesty. To be humble is the most beautiful thing. When I look at each piece, I can see that I could have done better. Each piece is one step farther along the path of improvement. It's a lifelong path.

Lunachick: What is your favorite medium?

plasticpumpkin: Chinese brush painting. I also really love oil pastels, mixed media (especially acrylics and pen), and beeswax.

Lunachick: What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?

plasticpumpkin: I believe each individual painting has someone for whom it was meant. There's nothing more exciting than helping that someone get that special something. Uniting them with a piece of art that speaks to them and that they will enjoy for a lifetime.

Lunachick: Any advice for others selling their work?

plasticpumpkin: Hang in there. Do what you do because you want to. Because it needs to come out. Don't worry about the rest of it. It can be discouraging, but it will all fall into place in the end.

Lunachick: What's a random fact about yourself?

plasticpumpkin: I am short, have red hair, and I am currently obsessing over traditional Chinese clothing (hanfu).

Lunachick: Anything else you'd like to say?

plasticpumpkin: Thank you for taking the time to ask such interesting questions!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: SilverDragon

Meet SilverDragon, who creates absolutely gorgeous works of wearable art using quality materials in a wide array of colors.

She blends style with the utmost in craftsmanship, her work standing out in a crowd with no problems whatsoever.

Lunachick: What made you decide to start creating? When did you start?

SilverDragon: If there was a conscious decision to begin creating, I certainly don't recall it. As far back as I can remember I have always had the desire, the urge to create.

Lunachick: What has been the most difficult part of selling?

SilverDragon: The most difficult aspect of selling is coming up against a mindset that looks with disdain at an artform not well comprehended. The market has been inundated with poorly made objects (generally made by poorly paid artisans) unsing low quality amterials that mimic the art I and other beadweavers create. Most people have no first hand experience
comparing and understanding the difference. This is a great obstacle and I am a shy (however opinionated) person.

Lunachick: What is your favorite material to work with?

SilverDragon: Glass and stone beads are my favorite materials. I love the smooth surfaces, the sparkling faceted surfaces, the many and varied hues and finishes. It's like solid paint and makes for wonderful experimentation of color and texture combinations.

Lunachick: What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?

SilverDragon: Possibly the most satisfying thing is to have others "oohing" and "ahhing" and actually paying me (and thereby honorong me) for my work.
Lunachick: Any advice for others selling their work?

SilverDragon: Don't undersell your talent, your time, nor your work. Artists deserve to earn pay that does not insult us and indeed makes it possible for us to live by our handiwork.

Lunachick: What's a random fact about yourself?

SilverDragon: My favorite color is RED!

Lunachick: Anything else you'd like to say?

SilverDragon: Thank you for being a part of this project and for asking such excellent questions!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lesson 4,893 Learned + Prospects

I'm WAY too out of practice to ride a bike more than 2 seconds. I rode a measly 1.7 miles (that's NOTHING on a bike!) yesterday, and my butt is killing me!

I also nearly crashed about a dozen times. I haven't been on a bike since middle school so I'd gotten the hang of it by the time we were done.

Ugh...I need a wider, cushy seat if I'm going to do this. My poor hindparts can't take it. Oh, and it's a kid's mountain bike I'm riding, too. Not super smart on my part!

In other news, I have a show that's done well by me in the past coming up next Saturday. The theme fits well with my pieces, so I'm rather looking forward to attending again.

I've also been given several opportunities to display my work on consignment in local shops and galleries.

The only problem is this: I'm worried I won't be able to keep up with everything. I also don't want to essentially have my best pieces on hold while still trying to do shows and sell on Etsy.

I suppose this means I should get to work making new things, possibly even have a sale to clear out some of my older, more basic pieces.

I just don't know. It seemed like a great opportunity, but I'm just worried I'm getting in over my head. I suppose we'll see.

Now, I'd better get to work!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: arosebyname

Today's featured artist, arosebyname, creates amazingly intricate works using many different beadwork techniques. Her designs are both colorful and detailed, making them fun and right at home in anyone's jewelry collection.

Lunachick: What made you decide to start creating?

arosebyname: I've been creating in one way or another since I was a child. Drawing, painting, knitting (didn't work), crocheting (even worse), embroidery, writing, poetry, cross-stitch and beading. And yet, there are still things out there I would love to try!

Lunachick: When did you start?

arosebyname: I started beading over 10 years ago with my daughters. It was when the bead critters were popular. As the years have progressed, the beads have gotten smaller and the designs more intricate.
Lunachick: What has been the most difficult part of selling?

arosebyname: It's been difficult self-promoting. I know I do the best that I possibly can with each and every piece, yet there is something about talking it up that is very difficult for me. It probably has a lot to do with being raised with the "one must be humble and not boastful" mindset.

Lunachick: Which piece are you most proud of?

arosebyname: Right now my favorite piece is "Linked to the Sea". It was a labor of love and I really like how it turned out.

Lunachick: What is your favorite material to work with?

arosebyname: Delica beads and Nymo thread.

Lunachick: What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?
arosebyname: I love it when I have an idea in my head and I can make it become reality. It may take five or six attempts, but when it happens, it is wonderful!

Lunachick: Any advice for others selling their work?

arosebyname: All I can tell someone is to stick with it. I have been very frustrated with the lack of sales, but I know that if I push myself to promote, I can pull the buyers in.
Lunachick: What's a random fact about yourself?

arosebyname: I have been happily married for 21 years.

Lunachick: Anything else you'd like to say?

arosebyname: Keep creating, we're making the world a more beautiful place!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: StudioMarcy

Today, I'd like you to meet StudioMarcy. Her lampwork beads are whimsical little wonders that are bright, detailed and full of life.

Lunachick:What made you decide to start creating?

StudioMarcy: I worked in watercolors and wanted another medium that involved the layering of transparent colors. Glass seemed like the answer at the time.

Lunachick: When did you start?

StucioMarcy: 7 years ago.

Lunachick: What has been the most difficult part of selling?

StudioMarcy: Marketing myself and putting myself out there. Generally, most of my business is repeat business, so once customers who enjoy whimsical glass art find me, they remain customers.

Lunachick: Which piece are you most proud of?

StudioMarcy: It's not for sale, but I did an Inuit inspired glass piece of a face inside of an eagle mask and acid etched it. It's all in neutral colors and very different than my usual style. The face turned out beautifully. It will be in an ad in Ornament Magazine's October issue with my other AJC Street Team co-members.

Lunachick: What is your favorite material to work with?

StudioMarcy: Soft glass. Most people don't know there's a difference, but there is. Mine is the type that often comes from Murano, Italy in many colors and is used in a lot of beadmaking. It's called soft glass because the melting point is lower and it isn't quite as durable as "hard glass" which is borosilicate, or many people know that as Pyrex. That type of glass works differently and doesn't have the same color spectrum.

Lunachick: What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?

StudioMarcy: Making customers happy. I do a lot of custom orders and their delight of designing just what they want and then me transforming it into glass makes me happy too.

Lunachick: Any advice for others selling their work?

StudioMarcy: Provide the best customer service and communication that you can. It will make you stand out. And make your work the best you can too.

Lunachick: What's a random fact about yourself?

StudioMarcy: I've lived in Wyoming. Not many people can claim that. (I'm in Atlanta, GA now.)

Lunachick: Anything else you'd like to say?

StudioMarcy: Visit my shop... I have whimsically fun lampwork glass beads and mini sculptures and love to do custom orders. I make a lot of pendants of people's pets, which is fun and a great way to show your love for them.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: Giftbearer

Giftbearer creates imaginative, intricate and one-of-a-kind works of wearable art in such a wide array of mediums that it boggles the mind.

She blends excellent craftswomanship with undeniable aesthetic qualities, her designs never failing to amaze.

What made you decide to start creating?

Giftbearer: Since I was a child I've always loved making things and the idea of innovation is exciting to me. I enjoy doing what hasn't been done before and experimenting with materials. Jewelry is something I absolutely fell in love with once I started. If the right man came along he'd have to love it as much as I do, or I'm afraid he'd have to go, LOL. Jewelry is my life, and although I don't wear it often, I really feel as though each piece has a soul, and so I treat each as an entity with a life of its own.

Lunachick: When did you start?

Giftbearer: It came about first as a part-time thing after my son was born. He is now 23 years old and I'm still growing and expanding upon my skills in the field.

Lunachick: What has been the most difficult part of selling?

Giftbearer: I guess the most difficult part about selling are those times when you're absolutely knocking yourself out and still you're not selling. A few days of that is one thing, but a dry spell that stretches out for weeks or months can be hard on an artist, not only financially, but hard on morale. Keeping hope alive is vital during those periods in order to stay creative and continue to come up with things that are exciting.

Lunachick: Which piece are you most proud of?

Giftbearer: Really there are two:
Hint at Something Deeper

Fine Silver Early Budding Vine Bracelet With Chrysoprase Cabs

Lunachick: What is your favorite material to work with?

Giftbearer: I love Copper, Fine and Sterling Silver, and Gold. I also really love wood, gemstones such as Chrysoprase, Opal, Tourmaline, Spinel, Ocean Jasper, Larimar, Labradorite, Emerald, many types of Garnet other than the plain standard red, Variscite, Rainbow Moonstone, and natural fancy colored Diamond and Sapphire.

Lunachick: What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?

Giftbearer: I love creating something new and innovative, and getting paid for it is the best compliment in the world. When I sell something I've made with my own two hands it is satisfying in a way no 9-5 traditional job could ever be. I enjoy things that I've bought more with the money I earn than if I were waiting for a payheck from someone else's company.

Lunachick: Any advice for others selling their work?

Giftbearer: Spread your work around and really look to see where it fits and will get the best response. Continue to monitor what the market is doing. I think it is possible to stay true to yourself and still be responsive to what your customers want.

Lunachick: What's a random fact about yourself?

Giftbearer: I have a lot of Iroquoise Indian in my lineage.

Lunachick: Anything else you'd like to say?

Giftbearer: I welcome custom orders, inquiries from brick and mortar stores, and I'm selling my work at the following places;
and a brick and mortar store called VIX Emporium, located at 5009 Baltimore Ave, in West Philadelphia will soon be carrying my work;

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Upcoming Shows

So, with summer winding down, I'm gearing up for the holiday show season!

Coming up on September 8th, you can come see me at Chateau Morissette in Meadows of Dan, VA. It's a winery in Southwest VA that's pretty dang awesome, if I do say so myself.

After that, stop by the Radford Highlanders Festival on October 13th on the Radford University campus.

To help you spot us (my boyfriend and myself) up top is a pic of what our booth tends to look like. Note the shimmery celestial table coverings and the extremely dinky tent...

In other Lunachick Designs news, more new maille is on the way! I'll be working my little fingers to the bone creating new and intriguing designs, so stay tuned!

I suppose that's that for now, but remember: Shimmer, Sparkle While You Can!


Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hello, and welcome to the Lunachick Designs blog! Here you'll learn a bit about me and what I do.

My name is Abbi and I'm from a small town in Southwest VA. I've been designing and creating artisan jewelry for around three years. My favorite materials to use are genuine gemstones and sterling silver, though I've got many styles that incorporate other materials as well, such as 14k gold fill (which is gold over sterling silver), Swarovski crystals, organics such as shell and amber, Czech glass and other metals in my chainmaille pieces.

My specialties are wirework and chainmaille, which I enjoy most of all. I'm in the process of touching up some pictures in my shop on Etsy, as well as expanding to include a few new lines, including a Vintage line of antique brass and copper earrings.

More chainmaille is also on the horizon, so be on the lookout for all the new pieces that will be coming soon!

I'm looking for new marketing ideas to expand my clientele. I live in a very small area and have only a few opportunities to attend shows each year, so online selling is a great way for me to reach people I wouldn't normally be able to.

Please have a look at my shop and check out my jewelry! I've got many unique pieces that you won't see anywhere else. I've invested lots of time and money into my art and am looking forward to expanding and experimenting with more involved pieces in the future.

Custom orders are encouraged, so please contact me if you have something in mind!


Lunachick Designs