Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Solstice Fest is a Comin'!

After many years of procrastination, I will at last be selling at the Burnt Creative Market within the Blacksburg Summer Solstice Festival on June 21st. As will all festivals, I am frantically bustling around in an attempt to NOT forget important things like my tables or my stock. Seriously, it's happened before. I tend to get goofy when in a rush.

My trusty BFF Biscuit will (I think) be coming with me to help things run smoothly. Alas, she cannot control the weather, which will hopefully be pleasant enough for people to come by and actually shop. It's quite difficult to browse when it's either in the 90s and you're sweating to death or it's blowing sheets of rain into your face. We're totally hoping to avoid both of those scenarios on the 21st.

As per usual, I have been making things up to the very last minute (like I didn't have enough stock or something)and have come up with some rather funky pieces, if I do say so myself. Lots of odd things involving cleavers and swords and the like. But also involving cute things like roses and pretty gems. Oooooo!!!

I've gotten a lot of rainbow pieces added to the collection, which makes me smile. I haven't had a lot on hand lately but I got my mitts on some nice supplies and had at it and voila! Rainbow goodness!

We're looking forward to a good day and with any luck we will have one. Even after doing these things for 10 years, I really never know what to expect. The weather and crowds can be so fickle!

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