Friday, April 17, 2009

Radford VA Farmer's Market Kickoff April 18th

Sooo, it's that time of year again: time for the Radford Farmer's Market! *dances*

I think I've got everything ready for tomorrow, though I'm sure I'll forget something, as I always do. Let's hope it's nothing important this time!

For a change, I'll be taking my chainmaille and gemstone pieces, as well as my cutesy goodness from my other shop, Kawaii Cupcake. This means that everything will be under the same tent...two COMPLETELY different themes in one place. Wonder if people will be super confused and think I'm odd?

However, this also means more pricepoints and more variety, which (hopefully) draw more attention to my booth. I'll have items priced from $4-$80, so there will be something for everyone there.

I made some business cards today...nothing fancy, just something to give people if anyone asks for contact information. I'm going to get some shiny new ones when I can, but these will do for now. My car's filled to the brim with stuff for tomorrow, including my 800 lb. tent. But, it's much easier to set up than the lightweight one that I had to put together. That was a major pain to say the least.

To all of you in the area, please come out to the market and say hello! There are lots of friendly vendors waiting to have a chat with you. I'll be the one with the chainmaille headband and the aqua zebra print shirt. I rock like that.

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