Monday, January 12, 2009

Annnd Seven Months Later...

Well, who's been neglecting their bloggy? THAT would be me! Ooops.

I'm a bad pumpkin, as my dear ol' boyfriend would say.

Let's see...the holidays were good to me, in regards to Etsy and otherwise. I had a decent number of sales and got a much needed vacation from my "real world" job.

I'm currently getting ready to dive head first into some metal working, which has me really excited, as I've been poised to do this for about four years now. I've been collecting supplies and tools for a long, long time and I think I'm almost ready. I think I can remember some of the things we did in Studio Art in high school. ;P

Looks like I'll be using my dad's workshop. Even though it smells of sawdust, I'll still be able to use it...if he lets me, that is. I'm known to be a touch messy.

I also signed up for Spring classes. I'll only be taking three, but one is Web Design so that will most likely keep me busy enough. And with working 40 hours a week and trying to handle two Etsy shops on top of that, I should be good to go.

No shows until probably May. As much as I've enjoyed traveling to Winchester for the past two years for the festival there, I won't be making the 400 total mile journey this year.

It's just too far a drive. After I factored in gas and food last year, I ended up making a laughable amount. The atmosphere is great, the people are groovy cool, but it's just too far away.

I will, however, be at the Radford Farmer's Market again starting in May (if Becky will have me. I'm such a slacker). I think this year I'll alternate with my chainmaille and gemstone jewelry one week and my cutesy jewelry the next. That way, I'll catch as much attention from as many different people as possible.

In Etsy news, I've marked down a few pieces, so check out the clearance prices here: Clearance Jewelry

In addition, I've added a $10 or Less section. It's a great place to find some groovy jewelry at a great price!

That's about that for now. I'll be updating with show dates and other Lunachick Designs news more often than I did last year. Take care!