Saturday, April 10, 2010

TMI, Luna. Jeez...@_@

You know what? I've mulled it over and decided that posts about more than just Lunachick Designs would be WAY more interesting, so here we go with a non-Etsy shop post! Wootz!

So not that I really expect anyone to fall over themselves to care, but imma' write this mess anyway. I would like to share with you good peeps more about ME, not just my shop. You already know about that, so I'll give ya' something else to chew on. If I regret it later, there's always the "Delete Post" button. Ahem...

What have I been up to since June you ask? NOT. MUCH.

My life has become so utterly stagnant that I swear I'm going to literally suffocate soon. I've had enough spare time to conclude that college really IS important this day in time and that unless I figure out what interests me enough to do it as a career, I'm utterly effed forever. I don't WANT to be utterly effed forever, so away to the Career Counselor I go next week. I shall take notes like a good leetle squirrel.

Having untreated Bipolar Disorder for years has done much to stifle any further higher academic pursuits I've attempted over the past (nearly) 8 years (dear God, I am getting OLD...) and I'm still struggling with it. I've yet to be able to conquer it and lead any sort of "normal" life. It's totally owned me lately, though I'm much better off than I've been in the past...but that's an entirely different blog. Moving on!

I've been very single for a very long time, and honestly, if given the choice of being single or being involved in the situation I was in (on and off) for some 3 1/2 years...I'd rather someone saw my head off with a broken beer bottle than go back to that. Yeah, it was THAT awesome. I think a big part of the healing process is realizing how incredibly lucky you are that you got out of the crappy relationship that sucked the very life out of you...that changed who you were and how you behaved...what you thought and how you functioned. Really, I spent so much time fretting over what I lost when in reality I'd only lost someone that I'm better of without anyway. Of course at the time, all I could do was be sad and feel like I was so unworthy, blah blah blah. But now as I reflect, I can easily realize how much better off I am now that I'm not constantly being poisoned by someone that never accepted ME. If you can't accept and love and support someone at their worst, you don't deserve them at their best. Am I wrong? part of my liberation from badness, I decided to at last get a tattoo, something I'd been putting off for like 8 years because I could never decide what would be important enough to become a part of me forever. And this may (and probably does) sound effin' dumb to most of you, but I REALLY love manga. That's Japanese graphic novels for those of you not in the know. Specifically, I dig romantic shoujo manga...that's girly manga...for silly girls like myself that like fairy tale romances (that have never actually had them and stuff...). ANYWAY, my favorite manga is Vampire Knight. I picked up Volume 1 by chance back in 2008 I think, simply because the cover was pretty and it seemed interesting.

Fast forward to now, where I LIVE for the 24th of each month (when the new chapter is released/translated and put online so I can read it). There's a character in this awesome manga named Zero Kiryu. I have read a LOT of manga, guys and dolls...and I have yet to love a character as much as I lurv Zero. He's badass, yo. His story is utterly tragic and I nearly puke when I think of the possibility of the mangaka snuffing him out in the end. It's THAT intense and it's incredibly silly, but still. I really love the artwork and the story and everyone has SOMETHING that gets to them like this. Some get all worked up over movies. I happen to get worked up over Japanese artwork. Neener.

ANYWAY x2! Because I love Zero so much...see, he has this tattoo on his neck. It's like a "quell vampire-ness" sorta spell/charm thingy, and it looks totally awesome. So yeah, I totally got it tattooed onto my lower back last November and I'm so happy I did. It may not make sense to anyone else, but it does to me, so it rocks. That's my tat/Zero's tat in the pic. :)

Fast forward to December: two of my amigos were like "Hey! You should play World of Warcraft!" I was then like "Ok, cool!" So I started. And played. And stopped sleeping. And lost track of days until...

March: My main toon, Kayora, reached Level 80 at last. For those uber geeks that care, she's a Draenei Fury Warrior on Turalyon. And I lurv her as well. Now I'm leveling a rogue, who is named (dur) Lunachick.

I've been off meds for months, so I've been wallowing around being mostly depressed for quite a while. I've become pretty reclusive but now that the weather's nice again I've been venturing out more. And I learned how to make sushi, so that rocks pretty hard too.

My shop/creative ventures have been pretty much on hold with the exception of the handful of maille I managed to make during a hypomanic spell a few weeks ago. I haven't visited the Promotions Forum in who knows how long and don't bother dropping links anywhere anymore either. I just haven't been uber motivated to do it.

However, the Radford Farmer's Market Kickoff is coming up next Saturday, so I'm going to that with my trusty best bud Biscuit by my side (unless she decides to sleep in, then I'm going it alone.)

So that's about all I've got to report atm. Not an uber-lot going on. I momentarily thought of attempting those dating sites Geek2Geek and Plenty of Fish again, and then thought better of it. Soooo not ready for all that yet.

Until I come up with something more interesting, there ya' go! Laters, peeps!

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