Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sweet Effing Victory!

Yes, that's me trying to look super badass in my sunglasses. EPIC. FAIL.


So yeah. TOTALLY got back on meds Friday and I couldn't be more grateful to the nice ladies at the clinic for being so incredibly helpful and understanding. The doc that saw me also rocks, and I'm glad he was able to write my scripts.

In a couple of weeks I should be feeling MUCH better. Suh-weet, yo.

Mmm. Sadly, we (my trusty best friend Biscuit and I) were unable to stay very long at the market on the 17th due to RIDICULOUSLY strong winds that day. We couldn't even put the table cloths on the tables and were forced to just lay the jewelry on the tables, which looked absolutely horrible and made me so embarrassed. Sad panda. :(

So we had to just pack up and leave after only 2 hours there. There was just no way it was going to work out with those conditions, but we still appreciate them having us!

My brain's all abuzz with body mod ideas/plots/wicked schemes. I want more ink SO badly, but I'm crazy cautious because I don't want to just get something. I mean, I can even admit that I kinda' rushed into the one tattoo I do have, but I still love it and don't regret getting it.

Since Vampire Knight is such a big deal to me, I get starry eyes when I think of having a VK themed backpiece... *has massive squee attack and falls over*

BUT I'm waiting to see how the series ends first. No use in having a back full of VK tattoos if things don't = WIN for Zero. *nods*

That's all I've got for today. I plan to actually sit and make some wearables this week so we'll see how well that actually goes.

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