Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fangirl Ramblings A Go-Go

So, I’m a fangirl. I rant, I rave…I make no sense most of the time to MOST of the world when I start rambling about manga. Vampire Knight, more specifically. I swear, NO manga has ever affected me like this one does. It’s really insane, actually. I’ve read a LOT of manga, too, and most have been gushy Shojo romances that have at least decent endings. This one, however, I fear will NOT.

Why? It’s a tragedy. The entire series has been wrought with it thus far. Many people have died, there’s a love triangle that makes my frickin’ heart want to bleed and I can only imagine what further pain the characters (especially our two main male characters) will have to endure before all is said and done.

I almost think this artist is a bit on the sadistic side, but only when it comes to this series. Her others haven’t been nearly this gut wrenching. Even so, I LOVE Vampire Knight. LOVE it. People, I’ve got Zero Kiryu’s tattoo on me and, depending on how the series ends, I’m planning an entire VK back piece. It doesn’t get much more hardcore than that. ;p

So I ship Zeki (that would be the ZeroxYuuki pairing for those not in the know). Always have, since Chapter 1 way back in the day. Zero is my favorite character ever and like I said, I’ve read a lot of manga in my day. “In my day”? Makes me sound kinda’ old…

Anyway! I’ve been kicking around predictions as to how this series could possibly end well for Zero. I’m kinda’ batting…er…zero, though. *giggles* I really don’t know if Hino-sensei is going to give any of our three main characters a chance at peace outside of *cringe* death, but I have high hopes that Zero will find it after the horrible life he’s lead for the past five years. And I don’t *hate* Kaname, but I don’t exactly like him, either. So I feel Yuuki should end up with Zero. Duh.
I could go on and on about WHY I feel this way, but I’ll spare the world that mess. I do have a pretty wicked bias, though. Hehe. You should see my house. I have Zeki pics EVERYWHERE. And Zero everything. A clock. A pillow. Wall scrolls and posters. It’s all kinds of nuts and maybe even a bit sad. I enjoy it, though. So neener.

So in case anyone was wondering what I do when I’m not making chainmaille and trying to sell it, I’m obsessing over an epic Shojo tragedy. *nods*

I nearly died when I read the Chapter 60 raws. I had SO hoped that Zero hadn’t said some nasty thing to Yuuki, but of course, he did. These days, it seems he can’t stand it if he doesn’t threaten her every time they run into each other, which kinda’ sucks. Dude, we all know you’re not gonna’ hurt her. You may totally effing hate vampires (and you ARE one, you realize…), especially Purebloods, but come ON. You love her. You KNOW you love her but she’s hurt you so much that all you can do is lash out at her every time you see her. I hope Hino-sensei finds a way for them to mend the ginormous rift between them before all is said and done. That’d rock.

Waiting on Chapter 61 is torture, though I’m sure it’ll be a Yume chapter, since the last was mostly Zeki. That bums me out, because Yume chappies bore me. But, it’s all part of the story, so whatev. I can’t wait to read it, whatever may happen. I’ve been hooked on this manga for so long and I’m curious to know how much longer it’ll be running before the last chapter comes out. The ending, I know, is going to be absolutely epic and no matter how it ends, I know I’m going to frickin’ cry my face off. Whether they’ll be happy tears or tears of grief has yet to be determined.

Ok, in other news, I’ll be accompanying my dear Biscuit to a church rummage-type sale this Saturday to sell Kawaii Cupcake goods on the uber cheap. Probably not cheap enough, but she said we’re going to put a “handmade” sign up so people don’t gripe about having to pay $2 for a pair of earrings as opposed to 25 cents. Yeah. >_<

I’ve also been (literally) working my fingers to the bone making maille and trying to get things posted in my Etsy shop. Stainless steel is NOT your friend when you’re working with crap pliers, I tell you.

Okee. That’s all I can come up with atm. Luna OUT! *whoosh*

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