Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: Giftbearer

Giftbearer creates imaginative, intricate and one-of-a-kind works of wearable art in such a wide array of mediums that it boggles the mind.

She blends excellent craftswomanship with undeniable aesthetic qualities, her designs never failing to amaze.

What made you decide to start creating?

Giftbearer: Since I was a child I've always loved making things and the idea of innovation is exciting to me. I enjoy doing what hasn't been done before and experimenting with materials. Jewelry is something I absolutely fell in love with once I started. If the right man came along he'd have to love it as much as I do, or I'm afraid he'd have to go, LOL. Jewelry is my life, and although I don't wear it often, I really feel as though each piece has a soul, and so I treat each as an entity with a life of its own.

Lunachick: When did you start?

Giftbearer: It came about first as a part-time thing after my son was born. He is now 23 years old and I'm still growing and expanding upon my skills in the field.

Lunachick: What has been the most difficult part of selling?

Giftbearer: I guess the most difficult part about selling are those times when you're absolutely knocking yourself out and still you're not selling. A few days of that is one thing, but a dry spell that stretches out for weeks or months can be hard on an artist, not only financially, but hard on morale. Keeping hope alive is vital during those periods in order to stay creative and continue to come up with things that are exciting.

Lunachick: Which piece are you most proud of?

Giftbearer: Really there are two:
Hint at Something Deeper

Fine Silver Early Budding Vine Bracelet With Chrysoprase Cabs

Lunachick: What is your favorite material to work with?

Giftbearer: I love Copper, Fine and Sterling Silver, and Gold. I also really love wood, gemstones such as Chrysoprase, Opal, Tourmaline, Spinel, Ocean Jasper, Larimar, Labradorite, Emerald, many types of Garnet other than the plain standard red, Variscite, Rainbow Moonstone, and natural fancy colored Diamond and Sapphire.

Lunachick: What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?

Giftbearer: I love creating something new and innovative, and getting paid for it is the best compliment in the world. When I sell something I've made with my own two hands it is satisfying in a way no 9-5 traditional job could ever be. I enjoy things that I've bought more with the money I earn than if I were waiting for a payheck from someone else's company.

Lunachick: Any advice for others selling their work?

Giftbearer: Spread your work around and really look to see where it fits and will get the best response. Continue to monitor what the market is doing. I think it is possible to stay true to yourself and still be responsive to what your customers want.

Lunachick: What's a random fact about yourself?

Giftbearer: I have a lot of Iroquoise Indian in my lineage.

Lunachick: Anything else you'd like to say?

Giftbearer: I welcome custom orders, inquiries from brick and mortar stores, and I'm selling my work at the following places;
and a brick and mortar store called VIX Emporium, located at 5009 Baltimore Ave, in West Philadelphia will soon be carrying my work; http://vixemporium.wordpress.com/


that's Headley! Jewelry Designs said...

Nice job on the feature for Giftbearer - she has such lovely work. Ginny

Mergirl said...

Great interview. I love reading about other designers.