Thursday, October 4, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: StudioMarcy

Today, I'd like you to meet StudioMarcy. Her lampwork beads are whimsical little wonders that are bright, detailed and full of life.

Lunachick:What made you decide to start creating?

StudioMarcy: I worked in watercolors and wanted another medium that involved the layering of transparent colors. Glass seemed like the answer at the time.

Lunachick: When did you start?

StucioMarcy: 7 years ago.

Lunachick: What has been the most difficult part of selling?

StudioMarcy: Marketing myself and putting myself out there. Generally, most of my business is repeat business, so once customers who enjoy whimsical glass art find me, they remain customers.

Lunachick: Which piece are you most proud of?

StudioMarcy: It's not for sale, but I did an Inuit inspired glass piece of a face inside of an eagle mask and acid etched it. It's all in neutral colors and very different than my usual style. The face turned out beautifully. It will be in an ad in Ornament Magazine's October issue with my other AJC Street Team co-members.

Lunachick: What is your favorite material to work with?

StudioMarcy: Soft glass. Most people don't know there's a difference, but there is. Mine is the type that often comes from Murano, Italy in many colors and is used in a lot of beadmaking. It's called soft glass because the melting point is lower and it isn't quite as durable as "hard glass" which is borosilicate, or many people know that as Pyrex. That type of glass works differently and doesn't have the same color spectrum.

Lunachick: What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?

StudioMarcy: Making customers happy. I do a lot of custom orders and their delight of designing just what they want and then me transforming it into glass makes me happy too.

Lunachick: Any advice for others selling their work?

StudioMarcy: Provide the best customer service and communication that you can. It will make you stand out. And make your work the best you can too.

Lunachick: What's a random fact about yourself?

StudioMarcy: I've lived in Wyoming. Not many people can claim that. (I'm in Atlanta, GA now.)

Lunachick: Anything else you'd like to say?

StudioMarcy: Visit my shop... I have whimsically fun lampwork glass beads and mini sculptures and love to do custom orders. I make a lot of pendants of people's pets, which is fun and a great way to show your love for them.

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