Monday, October 8, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: SilverDragon

Meet SilverDragon, who creates absolutely gorgeous works of wearable art using quality materials in a wide array of colors.

She blends style with the utmost in craftsmanship, her work standing out in a crowd with no problems whatsoever.

Lunachick: What made you decide to start creating? When did you start?

SilverDragon: If there was a conscious decision to begin creating, I certainly don't recall it. As far back as I can remember I have always had the desire, the urge to create.

Lunachick: What has been the most difficult part of selling?

SilverDragon: The most difficult aspect of selling is coming up against a mindset that looks with disdain at an artform not well comprehended. The market has been inundated with poorly made objects (generally made by poorly paid artisans) unsing low quality amterials that mimic the art I and other beadweavers create. Most people have no first hand experience
comparing and understanding the difference. This is a great obstacle and I am a shy (however opinionated) person.

Lunachick: What is your favorite material to work with?

SilverDragon: Glass and stone beads are my favorite materials. I love the smooth surfaces, the sparkling faceted surfaces, the many and varied hues and finishes. It's like solid paint and makes for wonderful experimentation of color and texture combinations.

Lunachick: What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?

SilverDragon: Possibly the most satisfying thing is to have others "oohing" and "ahhing" and actually paying me (and thereby honorong me) for my work.
Lunachick: Any advice for others selling their work?

SilverDragon: Don't undersell your talent, your time, nor your work. Artists deserve to earn pay that does not insult us and indeed makes it possible for us to live by our handiwork.

Lunachick: What's a random fact about yourself?

SilverDragon: My favorite color is RED!

Lunachick: Anything else you'd like to say?

SilverDragon: Thank you for being a part of this project and for asking such excellent questions!


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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Lovely feature! I would like you to be "tagged" to write 7 random things about yourself. If you are interested please go to my blog for directions and leave a comment if you would like to take part. Thanks.