Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Robert Plant: A Review

Last night my best friend and I went to see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Though I wish I'd gotten more Robert Plant, it was still a wicked show.

Don't get me wrong: Alison has a GREAT voice. She can be very haunting and she provided several "wow" moments, but none like Robert did.

We wondered at first if he'd lost his ability to pull off those power notes he's so well known for.

And then, he let loose with them and the place exploded. So yeah, Robert Plant's still got it, thirty years later.

His stage presence is odd...he claps his hands a lot and does the Robert Plant dance while not singing, which was really interesting to watch.

You can tell he still loves what he's doing after all these years. And the microphone stand swinging. That was pretty fun, too.

So cheers to you, Robert, for still rocking after all these years.

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