Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yart Sale!

I'm participating in the First Annual Etsy Yart Sale! It's, you know, an "art yard sale". So, that' means that if you stop by my shop, you'll find some WICKED deals and steals in my Yart Sale section. Check it out!

On to other things! I smashed my thumb while hammering an earring last night. THAT rocked. Not.

But the earrings turned out nicely, so it wasn't a totally bad experience. Which is always good.

I'm in search of a new work bench, as I don't really have one besides the floor right now. Isn't that sad? To have all these great tools and supplies at your disposal but to not be able to use them?

In other assorted, very random news: the "subtle tan" lotion isn't working, my cat enjoys peeing outside the litter box, I've been living on turkey sandwiches for days and I think I'll dye two front strips of hair a coppery color.

Another farmer's market is coming up again this Saturday. Hope it doesn't rain or blow hurricane force winds like the first time. That would blow. Heh. Blow. Get it?!!! @_@

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