Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creation A Day Challenge: Day 2

Oops! I was supposed to post this yesterday, so now I'm a day behind. But I did complete my 2nd project! Yaaay! This one is a chainmaille bracelet in bright and bronze anodized aluminum. It's super lightweight and reminds me of metal lace. Japanese weaves all remind me of that and I love them so. I'm waiting on the post lady to bring me some supplies I ordered so I can keep on making shiny things. I have finish the creation of Day 3 already, and will post it tomorrow. The process of preparing for the Radford Highlanders Festival in October is consuming me this year. Not sure why, as you could call me a "veteran" of this particular festival. This will be my 6th year (I think...) but I am so worried I'll forget something important or my card reader won't work or the weather will be awful. No wonder my head always hurts! But that's all for today. Creation #3 coming tomorrow!

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