Thursday, September 20, 2012

Creation A Day Challenge: Day 9 + OMG I'm Getting a Headache

Yes, so the Creation A Day Challenge is moving right along! I JUST (like mere minutes ago) finished making this quick little rosette chainmaille bracelet. It's all stainless steel, so you can wear it whenever, wherever you wish. It LAUGHS at water, it really does. I love stainless steel. It's awesome and amazing, IMHO.

I am also nursing a headache, despite my coffee guzzling this afternoon.

I suppose it's a stress/OMGI'malreadyrunningbehindforthisthing headache. I've been readying for the Radford Highlanders Festival for weeks now, and I still feel like I haven't even started preparing. I have less than a month now to get everything straight and priced...heck, MADE, even. I don't know why I'm under the impression I need to make even more stuff to take with me. I'm pretty sure I have enough. @_@

My bff Biscuit is accompanying me this year, so it's sure to be a fun time. She's also going to be selling some of her polymer clay creations, so I hope we both do well so we.'re not all cranky-pants for the entirety of the day. That'd be quite sad.

More creations on the way, plus (hopefully, if the nice weather holds out this weekend) new pics of existing creations to help spruce up my Etsy shop. Woooo!

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