Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today's Featured Artist: Zoe Stewart

Zoe's shop? It's FUN. It's

Name: Zoe Stewart
Location: Edinburgh/North Yorkshire
Shop Link:

What made you decide to start creating?
I left uni deciding to do a teaching career and i had to wait a year like a year out, so in between i decided to do something with my degree and started sewing.

When did you start? i started sewing when i was younger... my mum done a few parent toddler groups that me and my younger sister used to get to go and help and the first thing i ever made was a beanie frog, ha ha

What has been the most difficult part of selling?
getting people to buy, i have only sold things to friends and family and on a certain auction site, but nothing yet on etsy, as i only started to list items at the start of october, but getting yourself known out there is a hard task indeed!

Which piece are you most proud of?
Henry, has to be.... lol everyone likes him, and i have many more on their way too, henry is just fantastic.

What is your favorite material to work with?
cotton, Its just great the variations of it and it sews really well and its great for kids, washes well i mean... theyre messy devils

What's the most satisfying part of creating/selling your work?
when i see something finished and someone actually buys it because they love it, that makes me smile to see that ive made someone else happy,

Any advice for others selling their work?
be patient, if you havent had a sale it will come, no one knows when but it will, and promote yourself, get in the forums and the chat and try and list every moment you can....

What's a random fact about you?
lmao i went to bible camp, my husband only found this out a few weeks ago and thinks its hilarious, and i spent every summer in school, learning extra for exams and summer reading groups to help people that werent so great or confident

Anything else you'd like to say?

i love etsy and the surroundings, everyone is so fantastic with each other and helps in any situation, all you need to do is ask for the help and you get it.... its fab, and tea of course, couldnt manage a day without it!!


creativesundries said...

Cool blog, Abbi! I enjoyed reading your interview with Zoe.

Sarah :-)

Homespun Mama said...

Had to stop by, your title drew me in, lunachick, that's GREAT! Love your items on etsy. I just forwarded a couple to my hubby for V-Day :)