Friday, June 6, 2008

Festivals and Shows

So, with the festival and show season gearing up, I think I'll share a bit of my glorious wisdom with you.

I've done many, many shows, all of which turned out a bit differently. Some were great, some ok and some just plain SUCKED.

I've learned that you need to scope these things out before you commit to attending them, as you may find out some very helpful and interesting things about the event that you wouldn't have otherwise.

For example, if you go and see nothing but cheap resale junk or notice that there's next to no one there, chances are you should probably pass on trying to sell there next year.

Also take note of how much advertising you notice for the event. If the only way you found out about it was by your mom mentioning it to you, you may want to skip it. If a venue spends no money on advertising, how the heck are the masses supposed to find out about it and go?!!

Anyhoo, on to the checklist. I'm quite sure it will be incomplete, but it's the best I can come up with, after forgetting just about everything one can forget when selling at a festival.

Basics Needed:

*Tent (you know, unless it's inside or you want to bake outside)
*Table Cloths/Table Skirt
*Chair(s) with a tush paid
*Cash box/bag/etc. with plenty of change
*Displays for your wares
*Bottled water/etc. to drink, unless prohibited. Some of these places are whack.
*A snacky, unless also prohibited. Again, some places have a cob up the wazoo.
*Someone to assist, unless you feel like being overwhelmed and stressed the f*@! out.
*Your wares. Don't laugh, I've DONE IT before. I've totally left the house without them. :
*Tape. Tape is your friend. You'll need it, trust me.
*Signage and business cards. Vereh' important. You wanna' get your name out there, right?
*Promo items, if you've got em'. People dig free stuff.
*A mirror if there will be trying on of items. People like to look at themselves, I've noted.
*Knuckle buster (Credit card imprinter) if you're taking cards
*Cell phone with which to call card transactions in on.
*Business card holder(s). We like to look like professionals, now don't we?
*Pen/fine tipped Sharpie. You'll NEED it.
*Calculator, unless you're good at adding in your head. Then screw it!
*Extra tags, in case you've forgotten to tag/need to re-tag something
*Some supplies to work with. People seem to enjoy watching you make things in front of them. It also helps them understand that you did, in fact, make the items you're selling.

That about does it for my checklist. I'm sure I've forgotten things, but that's pretty much what I take with me every time I go to a show and the list hasn't failed me yet.

Don't stress out, have fun and be friendly! Say hello to everyone that stops by your booth. You don't need to ask abouth their life story or anything...just say hi and converse with them if they want. Talk about the weather or something neutral.

If people ask stupid questions, try not to let it get to you. They're just silly and don't know better than to ask "Is any of this REAL?" or "Did you make any of this?"

Even though you may want to bitch slap them, refrain. They'll go away soon, I promise.

Thus concludes Lunachick's Festival Survivor Guide. Maybe I'll add more later, but I'm at work, it's 5:27 on Friday and I'm getting the hell out of here.



Karma by Morgan said...

great post! people on the etsy forums should come here and check you out so they will know what to do!!

Half-an-Acre said...

i really relate to this post!
i've put a link to this blog on mine so I can keep stopping back easily to read what you've been up to!