Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Again

Soooo, how's Monday been for ya'? Mine's been woefully uneventful, hot, sticky and all around "eh".

The highlight of my evening will include three wicked cool things:

1. After work tonight, I'm going to pick up my best friend. We'll then proceed to a stranger's home to pick up what has ended up being $125 worth of metal working tools and supplies (hey, she said make an offer...)

2. After picking up said metal working tools and supplies, we're going to go to Domino's and get a FREE pizza and wings, courtesy of my job. This is perk #1.

3. We're THEN going to go to a FREE movie, again, courtesy of my job. Can't wait to see You Don't Mess with the Zohan! Perk #2.

Suh-weeeet. I hate my job, but I love free stuff, so in a strange sort of way it balances out, I suppose.

However, I WAS asked to take on two additional tasks today, in addition to the 147 I already handle. Did I mention that my raise after being here over a year was .21?

But anyhoo, in other news, after I get these tools and other assorted goods tonight, I'll be that much closer to beginning working with metal further, which really excites me!

I'm wondering where I'll be doing this, though. My apartment is hardly the place to be playing with acid and fire, so I may have to end up setting up shop in my parent's basement...after they spray for spiders, that is. (Ack!)

All I need is something hairy dropping down on me while I'm trying to work, right?

That's about that for now. I'll report back later and let you know what I score tonight. Ta ta!


jenscloset said...

Where do you work!? I just got laid off from my job after almost 20 years!

Anyways...beautiful jewelry!!

Sew Bettie said...

Hope your night was a success!